Why Dog Abuse Is Dangerous For Pet Health?

Pet health plays a very important role in growth. Physical growth, as well as mental growth, is also important for mental and physical health. That’s why we should pay attention to physical and mental health. Some people abuse their pet animals such as dogs. This abuse resulted in the injuries. The injury is not always physical but sometimes psychological injury also occurs. The psychological injury seriously affects the dog’s mental health. People abuse dogs very badly. The dogs after abuse or torture can be emotionally disturbed. For more information related to abuse on dogs keep reading here at PetVet.

Most of the time both the humans and the pets provide some benefits to each other. But in some cases, humans abuse their pets. This problem is increasing day by day. Due to abuse, serious behavioral changes occur in dogs. Sometimes the abuse is accidental but in some cases, domestic violence on dogs is also reported.

What is dog abuse?

Dog abuse means mistreating a dog that damage dog health. This abuse usually resulted in injury. The injury could be physical but sometime it could be emotional or psychological. Sometimes the doctor examines the dog whether he is suffering from any psychological abuse. Because due to abuse sometimes the behavioral changes occur in dogs. The psychological injury is also very important. The effects of this injury could be short term or long term.

Signs of dog abuse

1. Physical non-accidental abuse on dogs includes bruises, nasal bleeding, muscle, and bony fracture, brain injury, tetraplegia, hemiplegia, diplegia, paraplegia.

2. Sexually abused dog face injuries related to the rectum. This can involve lacerations of the organs, implements or ligatures applied to the sexual organs. Dog abuse should be stopped immediately.

3. Emotionally abused dogs may show changes in behavior. This change in behavior may cause some psychological disorders that include anxiety, depression or panic attacks. Dog abuse causes serious changes in mental health.

4. Neglected dogs usually live in bad physical condition. Due to such negligence, their health status is bad. Usually, they become habitual to live in unhygienic conditions. The external or internal parasites weaken their health. This is criminal negligence should be stopped.

5. The attitude of the owner also indicates the health status of the dog. These dogs may not come to the attention of veterinarians as hoarders do not often present their animal for veterinary care. Some owners punish their dogs that resulted in injury. Due to this, the dog develops a negative mindset against others. That means he can attack anyone due to stress sometimes he may not respond to owners’ commands. The owners punishes their dogs in different ways e.g by hitting or kicking.

The role of the veterinarian in this regard is very important because to save the mental as well as physical health of the dogs. By withdrawing such acts a veterinarian can help a dog. This will be pleasing for the dog. Dog abuse, as well as other abuse on other pets in society, should be banned.

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So, its the responsibility of all of us to save the dogs from such abuse. Although, it’s the moral obligation of the veterinarian to give awareness about such acts. But we can also use different platforms to highlight such things such as Tv, social media, electronic media, and print media.

Although, the use of electronic and social media is increasing day by day that’s why different documentaries will help in awareness. Furthermore, the news channels can also highlight such abuse on dogs in society.

Law enforcement agencies can play a major role in the implementation of different rules and regulations. While the rules that are related to pet abuse should be highlighted maximally. Therefore, the punishment of pet care is considered a criminal act. Further different welfare societies are also playing their role actively in society.

Hence, dog abuse should be banned or considered an illegal act all over the world. As it not only affects the mental but also physical health of the dog. We should love pets instead of punishing them. They also have emotions so we should also take notice of these things. Physical abuse causes disabilities due to which the use of prosthetic limbs for disabled dogs will be recommended. These prosthetic limbs will cost the owner heavily. So, we should need to care for our pets as they are also living creatures and they also feel pain.

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