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While discussing the best dog food, all factors remain equal, but only pet owners’ preferences. Wet food will also be more costly than dry food variants, but they usually gather more nutrients for your dog. Wet foods tend to be

In today’s topic, we will discuss Grain-free dog food problems. We will also discuss how the excessive use of grain-free dog food affects the dog’s health? All these topics will come under discussion in this article. In the past years,

Risk Of COVID-19 In Pets? While (COVID-19) mostly spreads from person to person, it can also spread from people to animals and pets. COVID-19 is a type of virus. These viruses are a family of viruses. Some cause cold-like illnesses in

The Hong Kong government has urged people not to abandon their pets and stop kissing them after a second dog repeatedly tested positive for coronavirus. A German shepherd living in the Pok Fu Lam area on Hong Kong Island was sent for

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that cause illness in both humans and animals. There are many different strains of Coronavirus that each cause different diseases. Some strains of Coronaviruses affect humans, such as the common cold, and others affect