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Bengal Cats.

The personality of Bengal Cats is adorable. The Bengal cat is usually an intelligent breed described as its wild, leopard-like skin. It incredibly active and playful while using affectionate and gentle temperament. that’s why it makes a great family pet but many people think the Bengal to be a wild cat. This breed is really very sweet and loving. The Bengal attaches closely to her owner as a loyal friend. As a large, athletic cat, the Bengal needs to run, jump and romp to be satisfied. A cat which is curious and alert. Some Cats have weird habitats and characteristics. But some have unique. 

Bengal Cats

Basic Facts About Bengal Cat.

Weight Range

            Male:     large: >12 lbs. 

          Female:    large: >12 lbs.

          Colors:    Brown, Seal

         Pattern:   Tabby, Ticking, Spots                                                                                                        

          Less Allergenic: No

           Eye Color:  Blue

         Characteristics: Glossy, Smooth

Bengal Cats

But here are 5 traits you did not know about Bengal cat.

 1.The personality of the Bengal Cat.

  •  Bengals cats like water! Don’t be surprised to find them inside the bathtubs or sinks.
  • They are extremely sensitive to their owner’s moods and definitely will adapt their behavior.

2.Origins on the Bengal.

  • Originally from your US, this huge breed could be the result of a mix of a wild Asian cat along with a domestic cat.
  • The Bengal cat is domesticated with the 4th generation.
  • The Snow Bengal cat would be the result of a variety of an Asian leopard plus a Siamese cat.

3.   A Bengal’s intelligence.

  • In addition, Bengal cats come with excellent memory. If they get mad then they may avoid that same person for several weeks.
  • Very impressive thing Bengal cat do is to surprise you with small ‘presents’ from the house or garden.
  • Bengals can understand how to open doors and lift up bin lids.

4. Having a Bengal at home.

  • This is a breed that just doesn’t zone itself one a couch entire day. They need to play and become stimulated a good deal in order to expend their energy.
  • Bangle cats playful and energetic. They will not destroy your furniture but they will jump around it.

5. BestFood for Bengal Cats.

  • Royal Canin
  • Purina One Chicken Cat Dry Food
  • Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition
  • Hill’s Science Chicken Entrée Minced Cat Food
  • Wellness Pet Food

Bengal Cats

Moreover Buying a Bengal isn’t cheap. The price of a kitten may vary from £900 to £1,500.

Bengal Cats

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